How To

Step 1: Peel back the adhesive liner (you can use a knife or sharp object) and start at one of the corners and fold back the adhesive liner 1” inch from left to right. Make sure not to peel the adhesive from the foam board.

Step 2: Line up the edge of the media (Media: chalkboard, cork board, dry erase, designer sheets, glitter, fabric, or lace to name a few) to be mounted with top of board and set down flush with the part of the adhesive that is exposed. Keep peeling back the liner while pressing the media firmly from the center outwards.

*Use Photo Gloves if necessary.

*Please note: The high-tack adhesive is extremely strong and once you apply your artwork you will not be able to reposition it. If using an original image you might want to consider making a copy and not use the original.

*Edges of Easy Design Frames can be painted with spray paint for plastic, glitter edges or spray glue or use fabric. Make sure not to remove the liner if you are spray painting.

Step 3: If your picture or media is not trimmed, you can use a cutting tool and follow the "Trim Gap" to cut off the excess project (Trim Gap is the space between the foam board and the frame).

Your creation is ready to display.
Easy - Simple and most of all FUN